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BBC NHU - 'First Year On Earth'

A short example of my drone, long lens and sync camerawork from filming Colin Stafford-Johnson, observing one young Arctic Fox cub through the first 3 months of it's life. TX: Spring 2019


BBC owned Copyright; Password on request

2018 Showreel

A collection of my broadcast, underwater, aerial and commercial camerawork.

Password on request

Dive Orkney

A short example film about the historical significance and diving scene in Scapa Flow, Orkney. 

*Featured and Nominated at 'Walking beneath the Sea' underwater film festival.

*Re-editted for feature as PADI video of the month - June 2017 

Conservation Technology

A short film outlining the affect that changes in Conservation Technologies, such as drones, have impacted the way National Parks and Game Reserves now manage and protect their wildlife.

Wildlife - South Africa

A short montage of South African wildlife filmed both topside and underwater.

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